JLA Productions

JLA Productions

JLA Productions is the company’s main branch. Jean-Luc Azoulay is at the helm along with a high-performance team of producers. They produced Camping Paradis, Commissaire Magellan, and more recently, Instinct.




Astrid et Raphaëlle

Astrid et Raphaëlle



Camping Paradis

Camping Paradis

Comissaire Magellan


Since set up by Jean-Luc Azoulay, JLA Productions has truly integrated French TV programming.

In 2015, JLA Productions, the first subsidiary of the JLA Holding Group, provided broadcasters with ten primetime fiction programs, with six episodes of Camping Paradis (TF1) and four episodes of Commissaire Magellan (France 3); as well as 84 episodes of the daytime TV series Les Mystères de l’Amour on TMC, the youth program Manino on France 5, and a primetime documentary on TMC, La grande saga des héros de votre enfance.

In the past, JLA Productions has provided many popular and highly successful TV shows : Navarro, L’Instit, Quai N°1, Le Tuteur, SOS 18, and many others. JLA Productions has created prestigious TV fictions such as Les Rois Maudits, Les Liaisons dangereuses, Milady. Motived by a desire to innovate, JLA Productions has developed many types of programs :  thrillers (La mort dans l’île), comedies (Tombé sur la tête) and miniseries (Jeu de Dames).

2016, will welcome a new prestigious TV saga on TF1 La vengeance aux yeux clairs, with Leatitia Milot, another creation of JLA Productions, with a host of other projects still to come !



President / Producer

In 1997, the very famous Club Dorothée program ended, after which Jean-Luc Azoulay and Claude Berda decide to work independently. Two years later, Jean-Luc Azoulay creates JLA Holding. This company produced many hours of day and primetime programs through production companies he created along with other producers.
Since 2000, he has produced Navarro, L’Instit, Quai N°1, as well as premium miniseries such as Les Liaisons dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons), Les Rois Maudits (The Accursed Kings), which rose to the best primetime ratings.
In 2007, he also produced Baie des flamboyants, an adaptation of the Mexican telenovela Codigo Postal. With  this series, he became the first French and European producer to promote diversity by starring  actors from French Overseas Departements.
In 2007, he also founded the channel IDF1, the only channel directly aiming at the people living close to Paris, currently broadcasted on the 32nd channel of the DTT.
In 2011, he revived the french TV saga Hélène et les garçons (Helen and the boys) with Les Mystères de l’amour (Love in Paris). Ever since, this TV show has aired two new episodes every weekend on TMC channel, with Jean-Luc Azoulay continuing to write the scripts for this program, totaling more than 300 episodes up until today !
Furthermore, Jean-Luc Azoulay is still pursuing his first passions, writing and producing music albums, especially for his fetish actress Hélène Rollès, whose new album was released on June 3, 2016.
By regrouping within JLA GROUP, many producers who have already proven themselves, Jean-Luc has maintained his leading position television production with very diverse day and primetime programs, along with fictions, entertainment programs and music albums.

Producer Fiction Prime Time

After a Master’s Degree in Law studies and Television Management at the Sorbonne, Richard Berkowitz starts his career in 1997 in NERIA Production, as a literary editor for the series Louis La Brocante and then promoted as a Producer for tv movies such as Toute la ville en parle, Objectif BAC amongst others.

In 2000 he starts to work for JLA Group as a Producer on successful tv series such as Navarro, Quai n°1, SOS 18
In 2003, he then starts to work for TF1, as an Artistic Advisor and then promoted Manager for prime time tv series (RIS, Section de Recherches, Femme de Loi, Paris Enquêtes Criminelles, Ligne de feu, Alice Nevers…).

In 2009, with all this achievement, he comes back to JLA Group, as General Manager, alongside Jean-Luc Azoulay and producer for prime time tv shows. He sells Camping Paradis to TF1, Commissaire Magellan to France 3, Instinct (TF1), a mini series Jeu de Dames (6 x 52 mn) et some tv movies : Moi à ton âge, Tombé sur la tête, A votre service

While still working for the JLA Group, in 2014 Richard Berkowitz creates Episode Productions with Jean-Luc Azoulay, his own subsidiary in the JLA GROUP. Just a few months later, he sells Meurtre à la Rochelle, a tv movie for France 3.

Producer Fiction Prime Time

Let us be creative! don’t be afraid by anything! Here is what it is all about to develop a fiction so plural as the experiences accumulated to become a young producer in his forties at JLA production! After studies of letters and cinema in University, Jean-Sébastien integrate the FEMIS School (promotional VIeme, writing script) then get  acquainted  with  scriptwriter, directors of short films, editor, assistant-director’s job.

He enter in TF1 channel in 1998 as fiction’s artistic adviser then soars some levels to become Manager – Assistant of the fiction department channel, which leaves the end of 2011 to make its producer’s first weapons at PM productions. He produces, among others, two 90’ comedies for TF1: ” A good lesson ” (with Ingrid Chauvin and Frederic Diefenthal and « The durand’s family » (with Marie-Anne Chazel et Bernard Lecoq) which will be big success with the audience.



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